Murdoch Foyle
Vital statistics
Position former university lecturer imprisoned
Age nearly fifty
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Murdoch Foyle is a recurring character of the first season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and he's portrayed by the English actor Nicholas Bell.

Overview Edit

Phryne’s nemesis, and the suspected murderer of her little sister, Janey. Foyle is a former university lecturer and antiques shop owner. His deepest desire is to transcend this universe and transport himself to an imagined ‘otherworld’. Though he was never tried for the abduction of Phryne’s sister, he has been in jail for the past 14 years on a kidnap charge – and Phryne intends to keep him there.

Foyle wrote a letter to get Phryne's attention, promising to tell her what happened to her sister Janey in exchange for his release from prision. Phryne visited him in jail but resisted his bargain suggestion.

While investigating a murder at the very same circus that Janey went missing from, Phryne finds out that Foyle was the mastermind behind a prison escape that included himself and another inmate. For a period of time he is thought deceased as a result of a mix up during the escape, however it is later proven otherwise.