Kristof (Chris) Piechocki, born on 14 August 1979 in Gdańsk, Poland, is an Australian actor. At the age of

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9 months, Piechocki moved from communist Poland to Perth, Western Australia with his family. At the age of 19, he joined a Polish youth theatre group in Perth. He attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2002 to study acting. He is also a graduate in commerce and holds a Master of Philosophy from the University of Sydney. In 2007, he returned to Poland to perform the role of an Australian in a television series Tylko Milosc. He also taught English pronunciation to contestants in the Polish edition of Star Academy.

In 2011, he was cast for a minor role in a new Channel Ten TV series, Reef Doctors, filmed on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

In the ABC TV series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, filmed in Melbourn, KIristof portrayed Sasha DeLisse in first season's episode Cocaine Blues.