Hugh Collins
Vital statistics
Position Constable; police officer
Age Around twenty-five
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Hugh Collins is one of the recurring characters of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries tv series. He's portrayed by the Australian actor Hugo Johnstone-Burt.

Biography Edit

Hugh Collins is a young and well-meaning constable, who works under Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. His naivety and lack of confidence often hold him back from succeeding in his job. Hugh is dedicated and wants to impress his boss. Throughout the series, he develops a crush on Dot but is very hesitant in asking her out. They have religious differences, as he is a Protestant and Dot is a Catholic. Dot goes to her Catholic Priest to get advice on whether or not it is okay to date a Protestant. Eventually Dot asks him to accompany her to an upcoming event and their relationship blossoms from there.

Throughout The Series Edit

Involvement with Miss Fisher's MysteriesEdit