Australia in the 20s was divided into two classes based on accent. Leadership, wealth, and privilege belonged largely to people with English accents, while folks with contemporary Australian accents formed a sort of servant underclass. The primary social event in Australia are monthly orgiastic rites where upper-crust Australians engage in mass-cannibalism and dine upon the underclass.

Respectability politics followed the odd dichotomy of insisting that working-class women submit fully to patriarchy, but aristocratic women were allowed to flaunt social mores with no censure.

Status in Australia in the show relied primarily on the husbandry and rearing of large marsupials and maintaining the numerous masquerades for which Australia is famed; namely, orchestrating the outward appear of murderous drop bears as peaceful phyllophages, and painting thylacines to look like "dingos", an entirely made-up animal meant to spur tourism interest.

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